Disney Secrets, Deviant Images and the Sexualisation of our Children

This is a follow on to your Disney article, JD.


Sexual innuendos in Disney movies

The above articles are just a small selection of examples of hidden images and sexual innuendo in Disney movies.
Many of these images are of a sexual nature and are deeply inappropriate for their target audience .
These articles first appeared in many alternative news outlets quite a few years ago , and are now found in the mainstream as well .
Below is an explanation from former Disney animator Tom Sito.

Many have chosen to not believe his explanation.

The articles below from Vigilant Citizen illustrate perfectly how visual images can be used to send a message.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Céline Dion’s “Genderless” Clothing Line

In this case, none of the images used could be said to be remotely normal, and are certainly not being used to sell clothing. So what exactly is the message here?

The following images and article is deeply disturbing.
We must question whether’ art ‘ justifies the use of children in this way.
The children in all the images (below ) are in fact being portrayed in a sexual way.
The idea is to normalise paedophilia ?

This subject is deeply disturbing, and something we may wish to turn away from but for the sake of our children it must be brought into the light .

Kitty Links! 🐱‍👓

I know this is an uncomfortable subject, it’s not pretty, but this running rampant in today’s society.  We need to talk about this and make it known we see you!  We must get the word out about the abuse it really does exist.

Click on one of the boxes to read all about it, this is so important, this could be your child, grandchild, neighbor this abuse is real.

With my situation, it was my neighbor; it was happening right under my nose! They look normal but don’t trust anyone with your kids.

Kitty, I appreciate the research you did and encourage people to bring links and discuss this critical issue. Thank you, 🌸😎


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One Comment on “Disney Secrets, Deviant Images and the Sexualisation of our Children”

  1. Thank you JD for posting this , you are a star ! ⭐⭐⭐ ❤
    There are very few sites that will deal with this subject in such an open and fearless way and you make your own views very plain .

    I hope these articles at the very least give anyone reading them something to think about .
    The more open we are, the more we speak, the less frightening and “taboo” this terrible subject becomes .

    We live in an increasingly fear based society , fear breeds silence and apathy , something the people who orchestrate these terrible acts rely on . I am a mother , but we don’t have to be parents to know this is horribly wrong , This is about how we treat the most vulnerable members of society , and it says some disturbing things about who we are and where we are going .

    I have a quote here it is biblical , I’m not Bible bashing but it really is very appropriate
    Matt 10:26

    “So have no fear of them , for nothing is covered that will not be revealed , or hidden that will not be known ”

    This is such a prescient quote .

    Its ultimately always up to us ., we get the society we deserve .

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