Clinton Connections to NXIVM Sex Cult Were Known In 2007

This is a must read article, if you want to understand crooked Clinton’s, I can’t believe I once supported these people.  What amazes me that everything the Dems are saying is really what they did wrong, I think it’s called deflecting.

Hillary, you are not above the law! Your private server found in a mom and pop shop? Why?  What made you take a hammer to blackberry and pour bleach on the server.  Were you trying to cover up a crime and the connections with Sex Cults, Jeffrey Epstein and your friends losing their handkerchiefs?

Where there is smoke there is fire, my friends, be careful watching and reading mainstream media, I got tips from a hive member that reporters have been paid off to progress a particular narrative because of their hatred for the outsider President Trump a duly elected public servant by the people to the highest branch in the land.

I believe it’s my patriotic duty to tell you that things are amiss, as I stated before I’m a registered Democrat that has been pushed to the middle and over to the rightish.  You can make an educated decision on what you want to believe, and I ask you to debate these facts as your right to free speech.

Wait for the next post about the Koch brothers, holy shit. I couldn’t believe I saw this last night.


Also coming up as I promised last night Dan Bongino. I will post one of his shows, and when he sat in for Hannity, he had some big shoes to fill, and he knocked out of the park!


Martha was off last night and IMO they didn’t give Dan enough air time.