Hang in there friends

I’ve been taking away temporally for some personal stuff with the reno from hell. We are finally on painting!

Coming up tonight is some Henry Cavill news! The sexiest guy on the planet and this site officially Hot Guy!  I love that you all are getting excited for Henry’s career moving forward!  He is going places!

Hopefully, Vin and I will have some great news to announce shortly, say prayers this happens!

I’m staying up on politics and the crazy field of Dems trying to buy your vote with stuff that will never happen. These policies will put us in a recession, 401ks will bottom out again.  I’m no experts, reparations for everyone and free college loan payoffs, and the price tag will be in the trillions,

These lawmakers preached you go to college! Then there were no jobs to pay it back loans, remember that? Instead, I love Ivanka’s idea about vocation tech training we need this desperately in this country.  Plumbers, welders, tech industry these are all high paying jobs.

Socialism Sucks Lemons and bankrupts countries

God Bless America, KAG

No Matter what country you’re from have pride, be patriotic, make your country great and Screw You, George the Crypt keeper Soros! We reject your narrative, and why don’t you piss off!


And one last thing, Hillary Rotten Clinton, you are not above the law!



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