Did you watch it, JD? Tucker says: Kamala Harris wasn’t bussed-she lied!


Poor Joe Biden! Did Biden even realize where he was when the MSNBS guy tried to ask him a few questions? He looked totally lost. It’s a good thing his wife came to the rescue.

I was trying to stay awake to watch this stuff, this comedy show of cringe moments. Has the Democrat party gone insane?  Why are they shoving this shit stew down everyone’s throat?  It’s disgusting they are trying to buy the votes of every minority because they can’t beat Trump fair and square.


It’s my understanding that most Latino’s tend to swing right, LMAO


Do they have a greeter at the border giving out happy stickers, saying, “Welcome to the US, vote democrat we fought for you!” as the terrorist Chants “Death to America,” welcome vote Democrat! As the Cartel drug runner says, we are here to poison your people with drugs! YAY! Welcome here is your sticker, Vote Democrat! As the pedophiles say, It’s the American dream to choose many kids that we can rape and cuddle afterward!


If you think I’m joking, I’m not, and the globalists are putting chaos theory to the test to wipe out population because from what I understand, we mere citizens are the scourge of the earth and shouldn’t be afforded anything in the future. Sound radical? It is, and the democratic party has no problem campaigning for this future idealism. They are too naive and blinded by campaign contributors whispering this is what you need to do.


Let’s get to Kamala Harris attacking Sleepy Joe, and it was like watching a wildebeest being taking down by a group of hyenas. The bloodthirsty democratic pack has zero respect for a man who served over 40 years trying to reach across the aisle and compromise.  Swalwell saying pass the torch, insinuating he is past his prime apparently, the younger crowd just turned off the over 50 groups with that stunt.  I actually felt sorry for him and thank god Jill was there to rescue him.

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Is Joe out? He could be but Trump would crush him.  That’s is a zero percent chance of Biden becoming the nominee.


Tucker brings up the point that Kamala Harris was never bussed, she lived the life of privilege, and her dad was an economics professor, which makes this extremely bizarre. Do you think she is hoping MSM won’t call her out for this?  I will push for this, nothing worse than a fake. 


I appreciate your ask, and I’m sorry I needed to take some time off. 🌸😎



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