Culinary1604 submits: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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SMDH, she is never going to get it

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Oh, look cameras! Goodie!

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How much did former classmate pay to be there?  Is it hot under the tig wig?


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2 Comments on “Culinary1604 submits: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle”

  1. In 3 weeks how did that baby’s Head get so big ?
    Her skin is very dark here and on baptism day she looks as light as PH ! I swear to myself I am done with PH and MM and then I get sucked in again. I am so mad at myself !!!!!

  2. I briefly looked at the pics and she is so merching. Her so called friends can be seen to tell her to put her hat on (which didn’t fit) and to look happy. Seriously! So fake all 3 of them sitting there. As for the so called christening debacle Richard Palmer I love you for having balls and calling them out. Yes even the Queen is implicated. The fact we have not seen the birth certificate and the so-called secrecy over the christening I am beginning to wonder who has the baby and if the pics we have seen is someone elses baby just borrowed for the scam.

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