Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein are two biggest Democratic donors

Those two did not donate to the Republican Party. They gave to Democrats. Trump was not a politician back then, but he was a Democrat. He has been friends with Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein. The Clintons took Weinstein and Epstein’s money. Trump donated to the Dem Party as well.

He eventually left the Dem. Party many years ago. But I am sure he knows a lot. In 2015 he warned that Epstein had “a lot of problems,” and all those problems will come out.

Yuck! What a creep! Yes, I do know that Donald Trump was a Democrat like I used to be.  People talk, and they either joined in, or they stayed away from trouble.

As I ‘ve read the research that others have done, one Qanon and that person was spot on saying this was going down. Even though we had a set back the other week and I know many have been working tirelessly to get the word out about the Swamp Monsters.

We have NXIVM and now Epstein,  President Trump will be a witness for the prosecution if he is allowed.

Mike Cernovich is interviewed by Stefan Molyneux, Mike is a blogger, he claims he warned the administration about Acosta. He is one of the good guys.

We must pray for the victims that were harassed, raped and surveilled to make sure they didn’t talk.