Jeffrey Epstein and the Temple of Doom

This link has a depiction of the guardian angels, I wonder if that was the statues on top of JE temple of doom?  Oh wait, that may not be an owl but Horus

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(Original Caption) Un-dated illustration depicting John W. Kelchner’s 1913 reconstruction of King Solomon’s Temple.

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Ground-Plan of the Temple of Solomon’, 1890. The First Temple of Solomon was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar II after the Siege of Jerusalem, 587BC and replaced with the Second Temple in 6th century BC. From “Cassell’s Illustrated Universal History, Vol. I – Early and Greek History”, by Edmund Ollier. [Cassell and Company, Limited, London, Paris and Melbourne, 1890]. Artist Unknown. (Photo by The Print Collector/Heritage-Images via Getty Images

Look at the pattern above, does it look like the pattern painted in front of the temple of doom?   This guy is a weirdo

This is a good thread

I have a strong feeling Epstein was creating his version of Solomen’s Temple, Akhenaten’s Amarna does anyone know if he had a sacrificial altar?  These rich kooks think they are godlike. The meek will inherit the earth assholes.

Instead of funding people to uproot their homes and make the US a third world country, why don’t you help them you rotten bastards?



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