Who was a head of FBI during the Epstein investigation?

Right! Robert Mueller. He sent a SWAT team to get Roger Stone out of his home in the middle of the night. Roger Stone did nothing wrong. But he failed to nail Jeffrey Epstein? Very interesting, I would say.


And the fact that Robert Mueller led the FBI at the time of the original charges against Epstein has not gone unnoticed by those who still see the former special counsel as one of the president’s deep-state enemies. Speaking of which, there’s a Comey involved too:


WOW! Although very biased against trump and most likely piggybacking on others stories, Trump dumped Epstein from the club for misconduct, he cooperated with authorities in their investigation against Epstein.

Trump won’t humiliate you unless you start on him, he is always going to say something nice until he can’t, then there will be hints.

I want to let you all know that the left is accusing our president of everything they have done wrong, what’s it called? misdirection

The left is following Hillary Rotten Clinton’s lead, not above the law, right Hillary back at you! Maybe we should tell her that and also you’re done in politics!   You are a disgrace, Hillary, this one is for you!


@Mike Cernovich is right, the left has swept this under the rug from the beginning. if it was Trump they would have nailed him but it was a big donor to the Clinton’s.  They will do what all Democrats do throw him under the bus.


Thank you anon, 🌸😎💋 Let’s get this information out there



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