Daily Mail~ Duchess of Cambridge takes her three children to support William

Oh, Right, MM is there too, πŸ™„

It seems very forced, MM stop by the army surplus store and picked up a tent to wear and it doubles as shelter!Β  Does anyone find her holding of the child strange?


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11 Comments on “Daily Mail~ Duchess of Cambridge takes her three children to support William”

  1. Looking at this again and it seems she’s hiding his face! No one holds a baby like that in the same position for what looks to be a considerable length of time . He looks uncomfortable . Obviously no unauthorised photographs , just the same as Wimbledon . Baby is now part of the “brand ” . Laughable really .

  2. Now there’s a woman who has never been hands on with her baby . I’ve never held a baby like that , he looks like he’ll slide down her dress any minute .
    No hat ? It’s sunny and warm . I suppose she’s trying to quash the rumours about Archie not being a real baby. He is however rather sweet . . Why is everything just so awkward and staged with her ? This is obviously PR . Family unity and all that m’larky . I’m sure most people are losing the will to live when she’s wheeled out .
    I know I am . Next …. another Royal wedding . And the show goes on ! 🀣🀣🀣🀣

      1. Yes, he is JD There needs to be damage control . I know just from casual conversations people are sick and tired of this . The RF are now being seen as a financial liability. I personally resent paying my taxes to bankroll these two . The RF are either tone deaf or scared to death . Both I suspect She’s here to stay and this will continue until Harry either grows up or wakes up. I can’t say I have any sympathy for Harry he’s creating his own little Kingdom . . Poor baby though .

    1. OMG Kitty, she had a bottle of sunblock, I’m not sure if it was hers, but why not put him a safety seat with the hood down? Lovenoway mentioned it too. Terrible outfit! Royal army surplus tents. Poor Archie, it looked like mad magazine the 5-day diaper, it pictured a baby with the diaper covering the neck, wrist, and ankles. From the ’70s, I still laugh to this day.

      1. . I know , I feel so sorry for that poor little baby . I’m sure he’s real though , I wasn’t too sure myself but I did see his foot in another position , it looked like he was trying to crawl up her dress , he looked so uncomfortable . He’s not 8 weeks either , at least 3 months. Those lovely chunky little legs and head circumference give it away .
        The rompers are just nasty looking , so much money , so little taste .
        No shade , it would have been more practical and comfortable in a baby seat .

        I found this !

        The rent a tent dress ! I wonder if she decided to go to the match on a whim ? She looks so rough and disheveled . Disaster really . Harry looks sulky and grumpy as usual . They all look so tense .
        Kate , absolutely no engaging with her and her children look wary around “Aunt Meghan ”
        Not happy families at all . It looks much like the Sandringham Christmas PR disaster . Last year’s polo match looked how a family should be , this one looks like the Adam’s family ! 😁Maybe some one should send her a couple of bananas with encouraging and empowering family messages , that should do it ! Simples! 🍌🍌🍌🀣🀣🀣

  3. yes because she doesn’t have a maternal bone in her body she didn’t have that kid from her body it came from somewhere but it wasn’t from her she’s marching that kid she’s showing off the very private citizen

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