Accept them all!

No wonder Trump left the Dem. Party years ago.


I had to delete the image, that account is suspended, and I’m not going to promote that crap Pedophilia is wrong! The chatter says this person will open another account and start his BS. The police should lock him, people said they showed kids, I’m sick, and I want to punch this guy in the nose.


Did you send the same anon in twice?


I have to use discretion, and I’m really sorry. I know this nasty stuff happens every day. They could be your neighbor like mine was. They look normal, but they hunt for vulnerable women with kids. It’s a cycle of abuse, and the women stand by their man. I have personal experience being a foster mom.


The mother in question was 16 years old molested by a guy who was 30 years older then she was, she had children with this guy. The man raped his daughter. The son raped the same kid. The daughter was pregnant with the father’s child, which she gave up for adoption when she was 14. Here is another thing the mom was with the father-son first and she had a baby with him, so her kids are aunts and sisters, brothers, it’s a ground cover, not a family tree!


The mother broke free right into the arms of another jackass that molested her other daughter!


What’s really screwed up is child services always wants to reunite the kids back into the situation again. The social worker hated me because I complained too much about getting the kids more help mentally. A shrink thought one of the kids had high functioning Asbergers. The social worker denied the treatment.


The child has an IQ of 69 and dissociates; her brain is blocking the trauma. She blocked it so well that she didn’t know who’s baby it was! After much advocating, they found out five years later. The baby was the bio dad.


The system is broken! Some foster people are out to make a buck, and workers ignore them because they don’t complain. They don’t like the ones that are there to help the children, we ask many questions.


Protect your kids, look on the web for pedos in your neighborhood, you are not allowed to harass them but be proactive and teach your children well.


I have to disagree with you, there are bad ones on both sides, more Dems than Reps, our president chose the right party to be with, I support him.


Thank you anon,πŸŒΈπŸ˜ŽπŸ’‹


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