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We were talking about this yesterday!Β 


Did Epstein become less of an asset and more of a liability?
This connection, JD! This is part of the bigger picture that will never be fully revealed.
This is how” business” is really done. Deep State, Black Ops PsyOps. Need to know, and we don’t need to know.
How we are being manipulated into a specific narrative. Always look for the bigger picture.
Remember Edward Bernays?

Yes, I do, we did a massive post on the father of Public Relations/propaganda.

More on Epstein


This would mean that Jeffrey Epstein trafficked underage girls using aΒ tail number registered by DynCorpΒ and during theΒ same time period as DynCorpΒ when they trafficked minors in Bosnia and other parts of the Balkan states. If issued by some sort of accident or if one of the two aircraft was decommissioned, the statistical odds of just two craft sharing the same number would still be over 1 in over 900,000.(2)

Special thanks to Voat user Freed0mFighterΒ and contributors PeterVenkman and Truthplease5!

Epstein was never charged with transporting minors not only across state lines but internationally for the purposes of sexual slavery.Β  I’m not buying the BS story that it was a different time back then. Calling it child prostitution lays the blame on the kids.Β  I think the evidence is clear Epstein was an actor for the CIA.Β  Did they look the other way? Need to know is right, I need to know what the dirty bastards were up too.Β  Top politicians knew, and like Harvey, no one said a thing!Β

Epstein was considered to be a crucial witness during the trial of two Bear Stearns executives who faced allegations of corporate securities fraud during the 2008 financial crisis.

Wasn’t he fired from that firm in the ’80s? This is very strange, I gather there was


Two of a number of articles currently being run by the Miami Herald.

I did post the other articles, I not sure why these won’t open for me, but Julie Brown did a bang-up job investigating this case.Β  It’s very detailed. Like Julie, I have the same questions about the sweetheart deal.


The Laws have to change for informants if this was a wall street case then why allow him to rape children?Β  I don’t think it’s about wall street, I think his powerful friends covered it up with a BS story. The CIA doesn’t do domestic, the FBI does.

This one makes more sense! I go through each link one at a time. Read this one it’s chilling. Didn’t Qanon says something about Ohio?

More connections.

What else is Social Media for? It’s making a file on you and everyone else!

Congress is talking about breaking social media up and especially google, lolΒ 



Hollywood and the CIA. Its all about connections.


The Bigger Picture

The CIA and Hollywood – Tom and Pearse on Black Op Radio

Corporate espionage

These links are to illustrate how the CIA and other agencies are involved in everyday life.


I guess he broke his agreement, and now he must go down, my feeling is Clinton going get away with it.

Interesting conversation on Reddit.

Lots to read there, the CIA is not for We the people, they are trying to drive today’s narrative, and to what end?Β  With the help of mighty people with tons of money! This was no grass-root program it popped hard on the scene. All of sudden hate and depression set in across the world. I suppose we would be easier to control that way.Β  I will fight that tooth and nail!Β  How can we win?Β 


This article is the definitive guide to everything CIA and those connections we have spoken about JD; it includes the Pizzagate Psyop.
Will we ever be told the real truths behind the Jeffrey Epstein Case?

Kitty ❀

CIA allegedly takes out people that become bothersome, and I don’t think Epstein comes out of this alive.


Thank you kitty, πŸŒΈπŸ˜ŽπŸ’‹πŸ±β€πŸ‘“



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  1. First time here and I see EDWARD BERNAYS!!!!!! yes!!!!!!! That’s all you had to say .. Not many ppl know about him. His books are fascinating. Hard to find first editions .. not surprising at some point many of his best books were all pulled from public Libraries and bookstores.. they’ve since resurfaced but finding the first edition is almost impossible and are quite $$$$$$$ . But πŸ₯³πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ₯³ For getting the word out

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