Migrant Family Separation policy subpoenas

I have been studying the judicial committee and watching Fox News, which is the most trusted News Outlet for truthful reporting.  I can not believe how this is happening, and the Dems denied any crisis, said on all MSM that is was manufactured, even Hillary said the same!


This is how I think it happened, and they let it get so bad that they were able to point their nasty little fingers at President Trump. The Dems are hoping you are too dumb and don’t pay attention or remember.  I remember! I’m upset over this.


The democratic party dug their heels in to fund the border. They denied there was a crisis said it was manufactured. Now they want to question the Trump administration?  What? they delayed for over six months, that’s criminal!



Let our Border Patrol Officers do their jobs; remember something they are COPS! Not caretakers, right?  These places were built for 12-hour detention for males crossing the border illegally, drug haulers.  Who are the cruel ones now?  In a medical malpractice suit they wouldn’t win, they delayed treatment.  Think like that.  If the democratic senator can quote fiction, A time to kill, I will tell you a fact. Party politics has no rights but to approve humanitarian aid on a timely basis, that’s me Joan Q Voter.


I blame this one handly on the Democrats, look at AOC refused to vote to give them money! OMG, the border officer donated clothes from their own families! Catholic charities and other groups are working as hard as they can, and still, they are going to be the villains.  The border patrol doesn’t deserve it! WHAT it’s for the people, basic needs like toothbrushes flash dance!



I know I keep showing you that this is Obama’s set up and he warned, don’t send your children, one it’s a dire warning that once you leave on the 8,000-mile journey, there is no way to track you. There are people out to harm, traffick, rape, and murder you.  Make you rent a kid.


Millions of people all at once will cause the infrastructure failure. Ask a Brit about healthcare waits.


There is a bi-partisan bill to have asylum hearings in the respective immigrants country, that is a smart bill, we keep children and families safe from cartels, traffickers, and pedophiles that line the border.  Please contact your representative about this vital bill and tell Washington to stop the ongoing bitterness.


I like Matt Gaetz is an amazing debater. He has compassion and is whip-smart. We need more like him.  He is going places.


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