Who is the Speaker of the House? Pelosi or AOC?

If the Speaker is still Pelosi, the Dems in the House need to pass legislation which will close loopholes in the immigration laws. It’s very easy to do. Instead of doing their job, they fight with each other. It’s getting uglier and uglier by the day. Pelosi and Dems who want to work on the immigration issues must step up and finally do their job. If Pelosi lost control over her Party, she has no one to blame but herself.


Per Fox News, Nancy in name only, LOL

Yes, I agree with you and there are still moderate democrats left, thank the dear lord! Nancy is asking her party to stop the tweet wars, cough AOC cough.  AOC is another Meghan Markle where everything is RACIST!! You had cauliflower, you must be RACIST!  I love how Tucker Carlson says it.


I think this is an important video, I don’t hate any of my friends of color, they are just my friends! No one should feel ashamed of anything, especially from a government representative. To me, that is a shocking speak,  you don’t even know me or what I’ve been through. I didn’t know I was poor when I was little, everybody had to work.  Like Ross Perot RIP said,  You don’t have a job, start cutting lawns anything.


I was cussed out and called RACIST cee you next tuesday for posting the Obama video, don’t send your children. Which was meant to scare people from taking an 8,000-mile dangerous journey?


We have some dimwits running for president, these people are lawmakers walking illegals over the border they are breaking the law.  That clown is from my birth state.


Thank you for the anon, I appreciate it! 🌸😎💋


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