Fox and friends- Tom Homan sounds off after being attacked by Dems at border

Thomas Holman, top cop, border patrol, fighting on the border to keep Americans safe from gangs, child trafficking, drugs, and cartels.  Many have lost their lives and making widows out of these hard-working men and women.

Our country receives over 100,-000 illegals that come to our border every month, not for asylum but an opportunity or criminal enterprise. Come legally, and we gladly welcome you.  Don’t come with the caravan you will be used by traffickers and end up deported or killed.

Contact your congressperson and tell them to sign the bipartisan bill to fix this. The potential migrant can get a hearing in their country without having to take this extreme journey where your family may be killed and used.  Apply for citizenship.

My adult foster daughter was just in Guatemala visiting her husbands family, and it was beautiful, she had pictures at restaurants, she was there for a wedding.  I won’t share any of her picture gods forbid I don’t want her harassed.    The last time she was, there were problems with gangs in the poor sections.  I had contacted her about the volcanos previous time, and she told me that her family was far enough away they were safe.  I will talk to her again and ask her opinion on the migration.



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