Identity Politics Explained

Here’s the formula as best I can tell:
1. Identity politics -divide people by race without focusing on realistic programs or sustainable trade arrangements.
2. Mass immigration – change the % of non-white voting-age people who you market identity politics to and convince them to vote for your party bc you brought them here and white people are racist.
3. Pass socialist and communist type legislation through legislators who were voted in by the “new” immigrant vote. Result: US/capitalism no more
These are your culprits!  You wonder why MM was spouting her lame-ass BS, gender-neutral, racism, MeToo, misogynist, bigot. I found that the idiots above are paying for this crap through talent agencies, PR agencies, and selling Trump out.
This new world order crap is for the birds! Every nut job is involved in this disgusting approach to humanity.  They don’t think we should survive, and they want to mix the races (that is racist) Why you ask? Think about one. Late-term abortions, brown and black genocide. They want to reduce the population.  Holy wars, like they are doing in Europe.  Pedophilia to be normal. Anything upside down!
It makes me wonder about AOC, no cows, the earth is going to end in 12 years.  It’s all nonsense!
The dingbats are so stupid, most people from a socialist society bote Republican, won’t they be surprised!
You have to check out the kitty links on my site.
I appreciate you sending in the ask.  Thank you anon, 🌸😎💀🕎


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