Have Nadler, CNN, and MSNBC accused Barr of lying? Not yet? I expect them to do so.

Mueller doesn’t want to testify. He never wanted to begin with. He was trying to avoid any public questions since he issued his report and gave the 9 min press conference a while ago. Nadler and Schiff are two idi0ts who still insist on “plenty of evidence of collusion.”

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LOL, there isn’t any evidence against the president. However, there is plenty against Hillary Clinton and the DNC! Let’s not forget GPS Fusion through Hillary’s lawyers bought and paid for Steele dossier that was fake, made up, fiction.


Sean Hannity was talking about points for the Republicans to bring up. One crucial one, Why hire the prosecutor Andrew Wiseman who donated to and was at Hillary’s celebration win that never happened? This man fights dirty, and he intimidates witnesses. Asked one Russian oligarch for evidence against Trump and he would make his charges go away. The Oligarch declined the offer, and he didn’t have anything on Trump.


Nervous Nancy wants to take this into the fall! When will this all end? Well, August Micheal Horowitz comes out with his report on the FISA warrants, that should blow this away. Every player involved in spying on American citizens.Β  It’s illegal folks!Β  That goes back into the Obama/Biden era.


We have AG Barr, and Durham that has their investigation and Barr has already hinted to spying. It won’t be President Trump in handcuffs, and it will be the Clinton’s and cronies.


If that doesn’t get these bastards, Jeffrey Epstein case will get the swamp monsters.Β  It’s all connected!


I will be watching tomorrow morning. Matt Gaetz ought to chew him up.


Thank you Squad member, God Bless America, πŸŒΈπŸ˜ŽπŸŒΈπŸ’‹


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