The Politics of Identity~ Kitty links


An Overview of Identity Politics.


Three interesting reads, JD.
The thread running through all identity politics is that of fear.
Fear of saying the wrong thing, of holding the “wrong” views, of being the “wrong” person, of speaking out, of being “hateful ” Ultimately this fear will close us and any dialogue between “us” down completely We all become the “Other.”

Jordan Peterson and Camille Paglia on Race, Identity Politics, and Cultural Collapse.



Cultural Marxism .

More on Cultural Marxism.


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We have been watching the campuses with their identity politics; these kids are supposed to be the smartest to enter University. IMO they are being brainwashed. You must jump on the happening bandwagon. You have to ask yourself, who teaching them this?

Do you remember the bakery? The administrator said to protest the bakery! As Camilla stated to get rid of the administrators, are they the real problem?


The same with the Obama quotes

Alt-right has gone Alt-left but far-left victims, why should they feel victimized?  I don’t feel any of these kids are on the debate team. Who is counting on these kids to be dumb enough not to research?  It doesn’t help that the MSM is allegedly paid off to tell a specific narrative.

Marxism will collapse on its self, and maybe that’s what they want.

I leave you with this from yale, which is bullshit

Thank you, Kitty!!! Always my pleasure!🌸😎🐱‍👓💋



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  1. Just managed to watch the videos JD . LOL !!! I had to laugh , but actually it’s very disturbing . The first one was very similar to a number of incidents here in the UK . The second video : a prime example of Identity and race politics These kids are numb and dumb , the perfect example of inculcation rather than education . It starts at the age of 4 here in GB . Four is too young for children to be enrolled in full time formal education , but if you want to enrol them in what is a program for state dictate and rhetoric , it’s ideal .

    The administration in most if not all Universities are part of the left wing liberal self appointed intelligentsia , the so called intellectual chattering classes , and yes , there is an agenda .
    These kids are being taught not to think , but to spew out something that is socially and politically acceptable to the social engineering programme that is laughingly called “education ” 🎓

  2. Hey JD . Congratulations on the new site ! Very impressive , love it ! 💖⭐⭐⭐
    We have exactly the same problems here in the UK . Its creeping insidiously into everyday life , nothing is out of bounds for this insanity .

    Read this and weep , or laugh , or both 😁
    I love the way these women feel the need to make a pronouncement and wade in on someone else’s life based on their own faux feminist ideologies . Damn , they p#ss me off !
    I thought you may like Camille Paglia , she’s my kind of feminist . I don’t agree with her on abortion , but the rest very refreshing , she’s quite a girl , very fast talker , and rated as one of the top 40 brains ever in the world . So , trés formidable !
    Interesting thoughts on the current education system , which coincidentally is my next “Link ” 😁
    Hope you are well . , Oh , breaking news Bojo (Boris Johnson ) got in , new PM . Boris and the Donald should get along famously , both populist politicians , and the UK is set for big changes too .
    All in all a good time to be alive JD

    Love this song . Let’s pray for this 💖💖💖

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