Tables Turned

Rashida Tlaib back in 2015. Now Tlaib and Omar are playing poor and victimized women of color and blamed Trump for insulting them. By the way, where was the liberal media outrage in 2015? Supreme Court admitted that Trump was right, and approved so-called the “Muslim ban.” The media forgot to mention that North Korea is not exactly a Muslim country, though.



Nice language, this broad has never met Trump


The Rash is an insane stalker of Trump. Omar is a twisted domestic terrorist fraud.  Victimized?? Please, they took advantage of all things offered for minorities to help them come to the house.  These four loonies don’t represent the values of our country.


Hell, I feel victimized by them, and I’m a registered democrat, but I have swung center and quickly headed for cover to the right! If other Dems feel that way, vote for Trump.


I received information, and it’s unconfirmed that The Rash doesn’t live in her district, and her father said so on social media. I could use some help.


The ban was warranted, and we must secure the borders now, and that means Air travel. The four horsemen of the apocalypse are the cheerleaders of illegal aliens. They are waving a big flag to terrorist to come to the southern border.  More Africans are coming because of these pandering crazies.  How do they afford the airfare? Find the group and we find the sponsor.


The travel ban was warranted, sorry to the families stuck there but American families come first, get that Squad? Americans families!  None of us give a toss about skin color; you’re in the wrong century, seek therapy nut jobs.


Thank you, squad member, 😎🌸💖God Bless America


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3 Comments on “Tables Turned”

  1. I just don’t get it I educate myself before I vote in any election. I don’t care if you’re male or female and I don’t even consider color. All I care about is your policies etc. But somehow I was labeled a racist for 8 years because I didn’t like how the former president was leading the country and now I’m a racist because I voted for our current president. No one seems to want to have a conversation about it, I’m just an evil racist. Now my best friend is a gay black man who happened to vote the same way I did in both elections. What now? You’re right Granmabarb, God bless America, because real Americans love all Americans. One nation under God! America needs to come first. We need to come together, take care of ourselves, before we can let anyone else in.

    1. Thank you for your reply! We have too many politicians worldwide making us try to believe that it is our responsibility to save the worlds problems. One nation under God. This is our hashtag. We need to save our country and stand up for our constitutional beliefs. Not the beliefs of other countries that want to come here and say it is their right to demand we allow them to practice theirs even if it goes against our written constitution. Let them fight their own internal wars in their own countries. We did that once and shouldn’t have to again especially for illegal immigrants.

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