Disgusting show

Who appointed Bob Mueller? Rod Rosenstein. He has known Mueller very well for many years, and he was very aware of his mental state. He knew Bob Mueller was not all there. He knew he could not be in charge of the investigation. And yet, Rosenstein did appoint Mueller as a special prosecutor. WHY? Rosenstein was weak and incompetent. He let Andy Weissman do whatever he wanted to. It was a mess until Barr got confirmed. Shame on Dems to take advantage of a senior guy who maybe has a memory problem.

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UNITED STATES – MAY 06: Andrew Weissmann, the federal prosecutor in charge of the Enron investigation, spoke to the media outside the federal courthouse in Houston, Texas on May 6, 2004. Lea Fastow, the wife of ex-Enron Corp. Chief Financial Officer Andrew Fastow, was sentenced to one year in prison and a year of probation after she pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of filing a false U.S. tax return. (Photo by Carlos Javier Sanchez/Bloomberg via Getty Images)


We all know Andy Weissman is known to play dirty and ruin people’s lives.  The gig was up when Mueller testified! Everyone said there is no way he wrote that! He didn’t even know what Fusion GPS was, referred to it as under investigation, WHAT! Isn’t that what he was supposed to do?

This is the reason why AG Barr and Durham are doing this investigation now, and they know it’s bogus!

Pelosi is still hell-bent on getting this president, she’s going to try in 2020 to impeach him. When does the harassment end?  Statue of limitation Nancy!  The only cover-up is from the DNC.  You are not above the law! IMO the Dems committed conspiracy against a sitting president also they stole 30 million dollars for a bogus investigation! Volume two was from mainstream media headlines!  I was blown away when I heard that. Look in the footnotes.

Thank you, squad member, God bless America. 🌸😎💋

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  1. It’s makes sense now why Mueller didn’t want to review Barr’s summary of the 400+ report prior to it’s release to the public,. Mueller didn’t want his name attached to the summary because he probably didn’t even read the original report until he had to give testimony yesterday. When will this end?

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