Daily Mail ~ Meghan Markle looks like Australian Book??

As we have reported in the past, Meghan Markle doesn’t have an original thought in her body. She covets what others have worked so hard.


I like to know what everyone thinks, did she blatantly rip off the cover as her own, or it’s just a coincidence?Β  You can comment or send me anon with links to other articles, pictures, and youtube videos.


I’m talking about everything from Meghan Markle, Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew, Trump 2020 election, Qanon.Β  Bring it!


Have a great Monday, one squad under god! πŸŒΈπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ΉπŸ’–

MM was a Trojan Horse


One Comment on “Daily Mail ~ Meghan Markle looks like Australian Book??”

  1. Copyright? Or just plain old plagiarism. Whatever it is , it isnt Markles concept . I’m amazed at how she constantly tags on to other people’s work and claims it as her own .I loved the Meghan doesn’t want to be boastful , that cracked me up , it implies she has something to be boastful about .
    The woman is an intellectual lightweight , and deeply shallow 😁 it’s all smoke and mirrors and a huge fat steaming dollop of Bullshit Baffles Brains !
    The” mirror ” was hilarious , narcissism and mirrors , it couldn’t be more funny or ironic , but M doesn’t do irony she’s too busy looking in that mirror and not seeing ! 😎

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