Is PH really part of this MM farce

Hi JD, I am in the UK and have started to read blogs on MM and PH some weeks ago.

I am totally baffled and angry that debacle is allowed to carry on, is PH a willing participant in the ending of the monarchy. If this is the case for what motive??


It is strange and bewildering that HM the Queen has actually helped MM become a Duchess and allowed the British people to be Sh** upon. We pay for the RF millions annually, yet we are to be treated like plebs who are insignificant. What are your thoughts are the Queen and PH complicit in the lies and deceit? How will this all end and are there any backers as some other sites suggest?


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Her Majesty Hosts The Final Queen’s Young Leaders Awards Ceremony


It sounds unbelievable they would allow this behavior, but they are doing just that! The royals are weakened by Philips, retirement, and age allowed this to plow through. The Royals hope passively for the best. There isn’t any rope, that was made up by LARPERS to keep you away from the real problem.


It comes down to Prince Andrew, and they are in CYA, cover your ass mode, but they won’t throw MM under the bus just yet. They need Harry and Meghan as a distraction for the violent storm headed their way, which is now. There is more than one family member involved.


Outside influences, you bet there is! Blackmail! You have to think higher than Soho, that’s a sewer, but it’s not capable of launching this type world campaign. The Royals are being complicit IMO, honesty is always the best policy but don’t complain and don’t explain is in effect even though our valued reporters are being threatened.



Look at the evidence it’s in the plain sight now, the gender-bending, racism, NWO,  thought police, the green new deal,  immigration, ending freedom of speech. MeToo, women empowerment, emasculating men, edging on pedophilia and gender-neutral, Trump haters. It’s Hillary Rotten Clinton and George Soros agenda.


I’ve been watching this 💩show for three years. Europe was first to feel the wrath, as you know any social media dislike of Muslim criminals got you a visit from the thought police in the UK. They were locking up citizens in the UK and the EU for speaking out against grooming gangs, group rapists.


Don’t get me wrong, any adult can be who they want to be, but to outright teach children at an elementary level about anal sex or any sex for that matter is morally wrong. Children act out what they learn.


Oh, and one more late-term abortion and infanticide is murder. I won’t get into what they do with fetuses, and I have already posted how much a dead baby body parts are worth on the blog.  It’s disgusting and immoral.


Katie Hopkins is leading the way to point out this wave of insanity. It’s shocking but true! She has made hundreds of video showing the abuse to Europe and the UK at the expense of her body. They ought to pin a medal on her.


Inclosing, Yes Prince Harry is up to his neck in this, I’m sorry to say, but he is, he had choices and chose the wrong path. Is Harry trying to bring the monarchy down, no, not exactly? They are the distraction.  What’s going to happen?  We have read all the articles and make informed decisions.  Go to


Thank you anon, God Bless America and GB, 🌸😎💋👀