Daily Mail: Digs up Meghan’s dead horse to beat it again Where is page one?

The files also show Meghan changed restaurants at the last minute at lunch to a location where she couldn't be photographed and how both US and British authorities tried to keep her trip secret

Large sections of the documents were redacted, but some were unclassified and provided to DailyMail.com, including two threat assessments conducted just days before she arrived in NYC

This is hysterical, what a dishonest person she is, the side door reminds me of Princess Diana in Paris. We all know she wants to relive Diana’s for herself.


I’m waiting for the Daily Mail to fess up they knew about this trip, Meghan invited what paps she wanted to be there.


Oh, by the way, the seal from the state department is much different, where are the eagles?  Where is page one? And why redacted the people she was with?




5 Comments on “Daily Mail: Digs up Meghan’s dead horse to beat it again Where is page one?”

  1. Love this! Obviously a PR damage limitation exercise . This is just like sugar , addictive but ultimately it makes you sick until then ; ,
    Keep on entertaining us M you really are an absolute hoot !

    1. Keep reliving the dream, MM! Why does one person need that much PR? The friendly’s Jim dandy sundae with five scoops and the kitchen sink of toppings! Where has the mystery gone? You know to put out an article and retreat to build mystery, it’s clockwork orange now, people are screaming ENOUGH!! Runaway!!

  2. May I ask, WHY IS IT DATED: REVISED 07/18/2013 ???????????? THIS IS AMERICA DAILY MAIL!!!!!!! WE PUT THE YEAR LAST!!!!!! 2013!!!! 2013!!!!!!

      1. That’s okay, it looks funny the logo isn’t right and then looking at it again, they didn’t show the cover report, page one is missing, and the people with her are redacted, why?

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