Irish Times reports MM’s Vogue cover is not a triumph, it’s a confused political statement

Tada!! Finally, the truth!

Everyone hates the progressive politics that divide people instead of uniting. They are exclusionary tactics that will ultimately fail, and as we watch people dying from identity politics.

It’s nobodies fault when crazed, loners that required mental help, that left a trail of evidence of anti-social behavior go out and kill innocent people.


It certainly doesn’t help that Main Stream Media continues the Hillary manifesto narrative of hatred.  There isn’t anything uniting about being called a basket of deplorable’s, white privilege?? Racist??  If you’re not with us, you are the enemy!


Citizens you are not the enemy, and you have a God-given right to freedom of expression and speech. Reject these extreme leftist agenda! You’re not sheeple!  You are worthy, and you’re allowed to be patriotic and happy.