Fox News – California bar shooting leave 12 dead

You can call me crazy, but we haven’t seen the end to this trend yet, IMO they are all connected. I know I shouldn’t look to the democrat party on this, but with the overwhelming Antifa attacks, I believe this is a political statement happening across the land.


Why? The Dems screwed up, and they have zero chance to win the presidency with the socialist narrative — striking fear in the citizens to control the sheeple to take away your right to bear arms.


We are watching the disarming of America one mass shooting after another.


The political correctness dictates that we not talk about this and focus on the victims and families, which we will.  Please, do notice that they were from Christian Unversity.  That hits home to 2nd amendment right believers.


Still, the illegal gun trade continues as black on black crimes continues to escalate.  The mainstream media and politicians do nothing to help these communities.


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  1. Does anyone know someone who is part of Antifa? You may and just not know it. I know two and I never would have put either of these men, (in their 30’s!) in such a hateful and violent group. I found out about their affiliation to Antifa before it really started making the news and I had to ask them what it was all about. I no longer have contact with either of these people, but I will tell you this, going back several years now groups of them would meet in cities to learn self defense and survival skills. People would drive from other states to these meetings if there wasn’t a group close to them. Husband’s and wives, people and their teenage children. These meetings would last entire weekend’s. And the thing is, at least one of these people that I use to know had no political loyalty, but had a deep seeded dislike for people in the political area and the police. They also didn’t own any fire arms. That was several years ago and things have escalated so who knows where they’re at now or if they’re still with the group. I pray that they’re not, but like I said, you never know who you’re speaking to.

    1. It’s like the KKK and white supremacists only flipped, it’s odd and very off. The survivalists that are against any government WTH is going on? The only thing that pops in my mind is the third wave experiment. It’s simple and turned the entire classroom in one week. College campuses led by administrators are turning on their professors, leading their students to preach a specific narrative the progressive narrative they are walking robots.

      Chelle, great information, I’m happy you shared this with us. I want us to think, is this all tied together? We have all males in their 20s, semi-automatic weapons.

      They look like little zombies when caught. Most have social media accounts that should have been red-flagged. One was stopped with rubber gloves and trump stickers, too obvious he is a fake Trump supporter.

      Before the announcement of the elPaso shooting, Florida reporter said a WalMart in Florida a shooter was stopped and then she said just in the ElPaso shooting occurred.

      Now we have this premeditated shooting in California, he dropped smoke grenades, reloaded and continued shooting, why do that?

      We have to think outside the box to see the bigger picture happening. I suspect this will continue to happen, and I don’t believe they are copy cats. I think we are under attack, and I wouldn’t let my adult kids go to nightclubs and proceed with caution at Walmart.

      Why Walmart, they sell guns, 2nd amendment is under attack.

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