A big win for the Trump administration in CA

“A federal appeals court sided with the Trump administration on Friday in the legal battle over its efforts to limit asylum claims from Central America – blocking, for now, a nationwide injunction that blocked the implementation of the rule.


Last month a California federal judge blocked the rule that would require migrants to first apply in one of the countries they cross on their way to the U.S. – with certain exceptions. The rule is tailored to target Central Americans from the Northern Triangle of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras who would travel across multiple countries, including Mexico, before claiming asylum in the U.S.”


What does it mean? it means those who want to come to the US must apply for asylum in their own countries /for now/. If migrants reach Mexico, they will need to ask for asylum in Mexico first. If they want to come to the US, they will need to approach a port of entry, fill out the paperwork, and wait for their turn in Mexico. Those who are qualified for asylum will eventually enter the US. Unfortunately, poverty doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone will be granted asylum. The radical left is outraged as usual. What’s new?


When Obama deported people, no one heard a noise. Obama could do no wrong? Whatever … Deportation is not a solution. A big number of people got deported under Obama, and many of them found a way to get back in the US. Trump was elected to fix the immigration system, which has been broken for decades. Pelosi knows it. Schummer knows it.

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SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA – AUGUST 16: California Gov. Gavin Newsom looks on during a news conference with California Attorney General Xavier Becerra at the California State Capitol on August 16, 2019, in Sacramento, California. California attorney general Xavier Becerra and California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that the State of California is suing the Trump administration challenging the legality of a new “public charge” rule that would make it difficult for immigrants to obtain green cards who receive public assistance like food stamps and Medicaid. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)


Happy Saturday Anon!

Looks likes the clowns are suing yet again!  We are trying to deter these people from making a dangerous, ill-informed journey.


We’ve linked these groups to our favorite billionaire, to falsely tell the poor of these countries how to break the law. The promise of high paying jobs that don’t exist as many found out in Lousiana and deported.


I resent that they give them more money to live on a month then our own citizens, plus food stamps.  Free everything is coming to an end as our national debt spins out of control.


The young and naive are all abroad with the pandering. Candidates Warren and Sanders, the new Robin Hoods purposes taking from the rich and giving to the poor. It will get you fired from your liberal job, don’t believe me, vote a puppet into office.


Asylum is not for economic reasons but political reason, as I stated before, Venezuela would have a better chance to come then the triangle countries.


Anons are making sense, and so is our administration, you’re country first, complete stop in Mexico or our port of calls and wait in Mexico.  It’s time for Mexico to do their part as they have taken advantage of the poor for decades!  Cartels use these people, and they are picked off on the journey north.

Thank you anon, God bless America! Trump 2020



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