The Sun- Eco warriors fly private to France – Ingrid Steward chimes in

Everyone is right to criticize the latest from the faux royals Harry Markle and his wife, Meghan.  They are preaching the WOKE left agenda that is all the rage here in America. Calling anyone a racist to stun the people with their unconscious bias is cruel and hurtful.  This study is flawed as being exclusionary to one group of people causes resentment.


Meghan if that what you wanted, you have indeed caused resentment from day one.  I warned every chance I got and still, they let you in and rolled out the royal red carpet. Like the narc you are, it wasn’t what you wanted. You wanted the A-listers that you could never be on your own power and talent.


Prince Andrew bowed out of Royal life because of his nasty obsession with children. Since he has been thrown under the double-decker, I wonder when they will out your yachting life and expose that you also smashed Prince Andrew before you met Harry.  My research told me that all roads led to York; I should’ve stopped there.


Meghan doubled down with some information, a recording, I do wonder if those backers are still around, we told they weren’t, but the left WOKE speak got me wondering if George didn’t reach out for more to bring the Royal Family down.  Meg’s been cashing in at every turn and opportunity that royals don’t do or not allowed to do.


We know the pedo network is deep, and they all share the disgusting obsessions with child sex slavery.  In the beginning, I couldn’t believe any of it, but it’s out in the open with the full force of the FBI investigating everyone involved. I hope you had good vacations; it could be your last.


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