Daily Mail- Prince Andrew caught at Epstein Mansion

HMTQ- showed her support for her son Prince Andrew by driving to church in Balmoral.  Personally, I feel bad for her, and I know she wants to protect her alleged pedophile son. But letting him get away with this for all these years is wrong.


The evidence coming out against Andrew, a marriage to Fergie is a huge PR mistake.


These are crimes against humanity, and we can’t allow this to go on.  The victims are human beings, with mothers, fathers, and siblings.


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One Comment on “Daily Mail- Prince Andrew caught at Epstein Mansion”

  1. Seems like the Daily Mail has been sitting on this video for a long time. Obviously someone was onto Andrew at the time and was watching him. There’s the walk in Central Park with Epstein the day before and then they spent an awful amount of time in front of Epstein’s house on an admittedly cold day hoping for a glimpse of him. They even have a photo as it began to get dark. So SOMEBODY if not the DM had photo evidence on PA and sat on it, why? He was then allowed to continue to abuse. Was it for a bigger payday, or told to be quite? You better bet there’s more and we’ll be drip fed it by the DM. Funny, the DM also was the only publication that had the Diplomatic Security Closing Report on MM’s baby shower, missing page one of course. How long have they had that? Drip💧drip💧drip…………….

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