Anon asks: So old is Archie, Really?

So how old is Archie REALLY? There is no way he is only three months old, the surrogate gave earlier birth than they say.

Honestly, I don’t know, He is ever-changing from newborn to the christening pics which were really odd!Β  I’ve decided to name him Blanket. It’s odd the kid doesn’t move.


Thank you anon, God Bless America and England 🌸😎


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  2. Between five and six months old I would guess . I have six children , they were all different birth weights , but a six month old is a sixth month old !

    Looking at the few photos of this baby that have been released I would say he looks inactive because his mother seems to be holding or” clamping” him to herself to stop him wriggling around and giving us all a better view of an obviously older baby than the narrative they would want us to believe . There is also their pathological obsession with privacy , which is a bizarre paradox considering they are both equally as obsessed with making themselves as high profile as possible .

    Either way , they are both utterly irrelevant to the vast majority of people and only appeal to their own very narrow social demographic, like most of the narcissistic liggers that inhabit this little bubble they are starting to believe in their own” legend ”
    I can’t see this ending well for either of these two , even “their people” will tire of them and hopefully theyll just fade away ………..🍌😁🍌


    1. That was the hope that they would ride off to oblivion but you can’t keep a good narc down with an expensive political PR like Sara Latham. However, I spoke to other PR’s that say she is a nightmare, MM is her own worse enemy. MM doesn’t take anyone’s advice so this PR to make people like her is a waste of money.

      I agree with the 6 months assessment the pictures don’t add up.

      The Royals are supposed to be dignified, they aren’t that.

  3. I have to say Archie aka Blanket is the most inactive baby I have ever come across.

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