Anon submits: Daily Mail- Harry Markle branded ‘hypocrites’ following latest post

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are branded ‘hypocrites’ for urging people to ‘do your little bit of good’ on Instagram after private jet trip storm


Elton, 72, claimed he ensured Prince Harry and Meghan’s flights to and from the French Riviera were carbon neutral by making the ‘appropriate contribution’ to a carbon footprint fund. 

The whole lot of you shut the🤬up!  Elton is a hypocrite too, he just said, you can get out of a bind by saying that rich people will drop some coin in a jar when you get caught.  Where is this website you’ll contribute your shame taxes too?  Where does the money go?  It’s a suggestion and nothing more!


Meghan just loves her sappy sayings she borrows from others. She basically told us all to go piss off.



Elton goes on to say the press is using character assignation, what character?  You have to have some first!



We loved Diana but we are sick to death that she gets pulled out for a shame party, how dare all of you!  Don’t you know Harry uses his mother whenever there is a bit of trouble! ENOUGH! Grow up, put up or get out!


Thank you anon for sending this article in, 🌸😎💋


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  1. I don’t think it works that way Elton. The environment doesn’t clean itself up because you made a tax deductible donation to some cause. That’s like saying, it’s okay to abuse someone and put them in the hospital as long as you pay for their medical bills. Everything is neutral then? Speaking of abuse, I understand you’ve “vacationed” on the same Island as PH’s uncle. I guess you’ll be taking a vacation to the US soon. Please fly commercial.

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