New pictures show Meghan Markle and Prince Harry taking their FOURTH gas-guzzling flight in 11 days as they board a private jet with baby Archie ‘after staying at Elton John’s £15m mansion in the south of France’

I guess these pictures clear that it is Prince Harry Markle and his dictator wife, Meghan! When the palace says, it’s a private matter, rest assured it happened.


The pictures were taken by MEGA, as I’ve said before paps don’t come unless they are called.  They never sit in parking lots of grocery stores, and I doubt this pap caught a lucky break.  That goes back to the faux privacy issue when we want it, not when the press wants it.  Controlled!


Anon, you’re right; they are hypocrites, and they genuinely don’t give a shite what anyone thinks. You should all be grateful you even get to see their amazing presence, their splendor, their utmost royalness.


Harry and Meghan dared to ask for Windsor Castle for their first home! I can’t believe it either, but what impressive Narcissist they are, I bet they fight over the mirror.   I’d even go as far to say they’ve ordered crowns for themselves, after all, it was reported they are looking for a country to be King and Queen.  Hey, Epstein Island will be available once it clears probate! I’d even start a go fund me for their trip there.


Thank you anon, it never ends with these two! 🌸😎