Daily Mail- Prince William ‘fears’ Harry and Meghan’s ‘detrimental’ behaviour

Oh thank God, they brought out Ingrid Seward

We’ve all been shouting from rooftops over the past two and half years to death ears it appeared. The Markle’s are bound to topple the Crowne if they keep this up.


The blind items show Meghan is brutal with the common man, always thinking of another scam to make money, and she makes Fergie look like a Girl Scout. Blind Harry Markle keeps going on to get along while enjoying his celeb lifestyle of the rich and famous.


When you chastise a group of people (say, England), there is bound to be resentment.  As we proved here on Kitty Links about unconscious bias, throwing race hate cards at the people you represent will cause a deep divide with the people.  The study is seriously flawed as these two are to the people and themselves.


I imagine the race card stun grenade has worn off, and it looks like William may have had enough of inaction, insults, and leaks.  God sped dear Prince William. Is it time to clean house, I meant the castle? We do have your back!


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3 Comments on “Daily Mail- Prince William ‘fears’ Harry and Meghan’s ‘detrimental’ behaviour”

  1. So, the doyennne of all things Royal Ingrid Seward has waded in at last .

    Harry is on a mission and that mission is Harry and his desperate need for recognition and accolades
    This may be the Royal Family but their family dynamic is no different in this case to any other family .
    Harry comes across as the resentful younger child who always felt “second best ”
    If the stories of Diana trying to make the more senior Royals pay more attention to her younger son are true then Harry must feel he has a lot to prove .

    Maybe if someone had said no to the child Harry he would have felt more secure within himself and not become the obviously spoiled entitled young man he is today .
    A psychologist would have a field day with this family . The British stiff upper lip so prevalent within the aristocracy is not a recipe for well rounded happy children or adults
    William was very fortunate to be taken into the heart of the Middleton family and their very middle class values , it was probably one of the factors that has made William so” grounded ”

    Markle and her “Woke ” and petulant behaviour were something Harry obviously recognised as being a kindred spirit . It was the perfect storm for what appears to be a co dependant relationship .
    Or , Harry is just a rich titled prat , being well , a prat. Whatever , he is, along with his wife a threat to the Royal Family .
    William now needs to be a future King rather than a brother .

    1. You thought the same too, pulling Ingrid out for this is the memo to Hollywood Harry to cool his jets and grow up. I agree with the co-dependent relationship in more ways than one. The Drink and the drugs have been the lure to acceptable behavior. Does he not realize she is sending pages to a friend for a tell-all, king’s ransom of information.

      1. You only have to look at their faces to see what they do . Yes , Ingrid Seward is a last ditch attempt to bring about some kind of containment . The big press guns .
        I think he does know ,and I wonder if this would be Harry’s ultimate revenge for not just his mothers death but her complex , often tragic and difficult life .

        I’ve never actually been a fan , to me he’s just a spoilt ,entitled ,petulant man child .what you see is what you get with him , I don’t think he is that deep , he’s managed to hide his true self until now , if he were anything different he wouldnt be behaving in this way , this is Harry , being Harry .and enjoying the attention and the storm he’s creating . Markle is perfect for him .

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