Express- Meghan Markle – Not a fairytale princess

Interestingly, one of the videos a guest said we have 12 years regarding climate change. I keep hearing this bullocks, and I have to search where they going with this rubbish!

Potentially in12 years irreversible damage caused by emissions, horsefeathers!  Tell the developing third world to stuff it!


The left Woke couple should put the joint down and shut up for a while.

Good Point! There are many lovely places to go in the UK that could use a boost for tourism!  The lake district, Cornwall, the Jersey Isles, there are so many great beaches in the UK. Hello, you live on Island Nation, promote within!


Wales and Scotland are magical and beautiful, promote those and put those on Instagram; it’s not rocket science for goodness sake!


Where was Harry for the Rugby game England vs. Wales?? Anyone??  oh yeah,🤬 them we are on holiday!



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