Lord Mountbatten- Kitty links


No holds Barred and To the Point.


As Always Intelligence Agencies Are Involved.

The allegations against Mountbatten have been circulating in the alt news for years






Mountbatten introduced Savile to the Royal Family.





The Prince and the Pedophile: What’s Charles Connection With Sir Jimmy Savile OBE?


Rightful Heirs: Royal Babylon and the Power of the Monarchy

Revelations as to the Power of the Monarchy


The Queen is not a stranger to scandal.

More connections JD.

It would seem there is a common thread running through all this ……….. Connections Connections Connections . How can we possibly ignore this? Paedophilia seems to be endemic and systemic. Children are being treated as the sexual playthings of the global elite.
Time to stop worshipping, placing these people on a pedestal and see them as they are.



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Kitty! Thank you so much for more informative links! We’ve all blindly followed the royal family for a lifetime. We have allowed them to make excuses and allowed them to sweep it all under the rug.


The Queen’s promise to put country first and to be a loyal servant is hard to swallow with everything coming out about her family. She knew this was happening and chose to do nothing.  Never complain, never explain in full force.  They are going to need more than a heartfelt apology.


This scandal is only the beginning can you imagine when it all comes out, and maybe they are postponing the inedible. Honestly, I don’t see Prince Charles taking the Crowne.


The chess game they are supposedly playing, I think they lost and are holding on by a thread.  I’m looking forward to the tell-all book that Meghan Markle is writing.


The only way to save this is Prince Charles abdicating making way for Prince William to take over. That is, of course, the people’s wishes.


Think about it without them, tourist sites open to all and using Buckingham Palace when the government needs it. This move could save billions and actually make money for the Brits.  I know shut up American, but the Windsor line is tainted, what choices do you have?


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  1. Hi JD . You have every right to speak , it doesn’t matter that you’re from America .
    These revelations about the RF and the so called Global Elite affect everyone regardless of where we come from . I am not a Royalist and never have been , I only see them as an institution that stops us from a dynastic political family , but these people are all the same any way , different faces , same agenda .

    The only choice is a Republic or for a very small , financially non tax funded , restricted RF . living on their own money . It will never happen , we are too invested in every way , especially culturally .

    The problem I see is when “the people ” become disenchanted with it’s ruling classes they are often (historically ) replaced with a totalitarian state or regime .

    This is why I wondered about the Epstein Case. The real question should be why was it revisited ? Why now ?
    Think about the world at the moment ,it’s very volatile, the “peasants ” are revolting 😁 Hong Kong, Brexit , Europe , America .
    Consider the Hegelian Dialectic . Problem , Reaction, Solution .

    Our so called leaders ultimately want and need more control over us . So , deliberately expose the dark underbelly of the so called elite . Cause a reaction . In this case righteous indignation, anger , looking for change . Bring in a solution which would inevitably be more control , “for our good ” . However, after clearing the “swamp (or in this case an ocean) the swamp always remains the same , just different swamp creatures .
    Or , the King is dead , long live the King but this one is worse than the original King .

  2. I agree with you, Kitty, it makes no sense to fund these people for the dog and pony show. Traditions can carry on for tourists and citizens. They own Sandringham, go there and give back the duchy to the people. The mystique is over, and they are just taking advantage of the people. That’s how I see them now, and it’s a shame the fairy tale is over.

    I pray that never happens to England, a place I love dearly, my English cousins treated me so well. To have socialism in England isn’t wanted, but with the influx of so many immigrants could tip the tables. Socialism always fails.

    I agree that the swamp has many creatures hungry for power since London is the financial hub of the world. I would look to one of them to be the fire breathing dragon.

    Germany is fighting back just in on fox!

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