Paedophile and Pederast Kitty link! 🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤


I think this is what you’re looking for JD.

Can’t say I don’t think it’s all deeply immoral
Kitty ❤

This definition is precisely what I’m looking for, and we don’t want the LGBTQ to get enraged as they have fought hard to move away from being labeled ‘pedophile.’


Let me share some personal information, my cousin who I was close too, told me how he started his gay lifestyle was when he was in high school with my other gay cousin. He introduced him to the gay lifestyle nightlife in Fort Myers.  Many older men were more than happy to teach him.  He told me he wouldn’t have crossed the line if someone didn’t show him the way.  I will say we expected him to come out not the other cousin, which was shocking to the family.  The girl he was serious with end up in therapy after he told her. 


I’m curious about what caused others to embrace the lifestyle, come anon and tell me. 


Kitty thank you for looking this up for me. I had no idea where to look. It’s a taboo subject. 😘


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  1. It is taboo , but it shouldnt be , Paedophilia has no relationship to being gay . There was a movement to conflate being gay with paedophilia . I suspect this was done deliberately by the paedophile lobby who wish to normalise paedophilia as just another sexual orientation . The LGBTQ movement would then have a P on the list .
    It is outrageous and appalling how people are used to push a vile agenda .
    This didn’t help .

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