Does Meghan have a 19 yr old daughter?

Did Meghan have a baby in Oct 1998? Bio father Luis S., her date for 1997 Christmas Formal? Named Noel, now called Noelle, and raised by Samantha?



Is that one coming back around again?Β  Many of us are suspicious, but Noelle only met Meghan once at Samantha graduation from university.



Unless Sam comes out to say she adopted her, then it will continue to be a rumor. There wasn’t any proof like Meghan’s annulment marriage when she was in university.Β  The National Enquire reported on that, and it went, POOF! Scrubbed, we would find stuff, and someone went behind our research and whitewashed the evidence.


The Royals went to great lengths to clean her up?? It was an awful lot of money spent to start the war to get the nobody recognized. LARP’s work for money. Follow the money trail and the wokeness. It will lead back to the Soros/Clinton narrative she’s been scamming on the British People.

Notice all the celebs coming to MM/PH defense using racist, check CAA creative artist agency to be complicit in this world scam.



It’s was a setup from the start.



MM is playing to your emotions to continue to talk about her. She is building her brand, and without us talking about her, she becomes irrelevant, and the woke message dies.



Enty claimed Meghan thinks she is part of the elite and is too good to fly commercial. What Meghan’s wants, Meghan gets!



Anything is possible with Meghan Markle, and the grifter has many tricks up her sleeve.


Thank you anon, God bless America! 🌸😎😘


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4 Comments on “Does Meghan have a 19 yr old daughter?”

  1. Sam has certainly dropped enough innuendo over the last couple years i.e. ‘Lullabies and Lies’ etc. Sam’s last Christmas card appears cryptic if indeed Noel was conceived after the Luis date to the Christmas Formal, i.e: “Merry Christmas Meg, this is not meant to be formal.”

    I believe your anon, I think Sam has gotten what she wanted, and I would guess, so did the long list of those who keep quiet. Including Noel, a fervent stan who threw Sam under the bus in defense of the aunt she met just that one time in 2008.

  2. Ninaki would know. There’s a pic of her with pregnant looking Rachel summer 1998. The rumor has validity for many reasons, least being Noel, who turns 21 Oct 2019, is the spitting image of Meg and Luis.

    1. I would think so, and I do wonder if she was paid off? She dropped that tremendous truth on everyone. Anon told me that Sam wouldn’t be bothering anymore, she was taken cared of, I don’t know what that entails. I believe that anon was telling the truth we haven’t heard anything from her. Thanks, Mailcrate

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