Prince Charles and His Rumored Illegitmate Child

Hi JD. I pray that you and all those in the path of Hurricane Dorian are protected and safe.

Thank you!  It’s a nail biter and I have two places to secure.

I read with interest on your Tumblr the post-Aeltrileaf had on tidbits found in Enty’s podcast, including rumors that PC has an illegitimate child.

Last year I had created a theory, based on information I was finding, that MM is the illegitimate child of PC and singer Sheila Ferguson of the band Three Degrees. I sent my post to you and you did print it, but you responded with much anger toward me and my theory. Since Aeltrileaf has brought the subject back to life, I would like to point out, as a reminder, some of the information I found that led me to create my theory. **DISCLAIMER: My theory is speculation only and for entertainment purposes only.**


I went to my archives and I can’t find anything about this but I do remember something being brought up.  However, the timing is off and MM looks like her dad Thomas and Doria.  The Markle’s nose gives that away.  I’m going to keep an open mind anon.  I really need links because Shelia had twin girls.  There are rumors that Charles and Camilla have a love child in Aus.  I don’t see the resemblance there.  If you can give me more information, I can repost the link?  It would really be helpful. 


(1) In April 2018 Enty had a blind that Royal’s illegitimate child showed up after discovering their relationship due to the child having a disease and being tested. The child was the result of an affair and the woman decided not to abort but instead gave the child to a distant relative to raise.

I’m being honest with you, without any links to your theory, I really don’t know what to say. Are you sure it was me? 

I am sure your Anon’s would be able to find this blind. In Enty’s blind, he said the child was a male, but I think the child is MM. Why? Prince Charles had a huge thing for singer Sheila Ferguson of the band Three Degrees. Most rumors were they were romantically involved. We know MM is half-Black and half-White. We also know that MM’s age corresponds to when PC and Sheila Ferguson dated.

As I posted on tumblr Shelia said, she knew he was a womanizer and didn’t want another notch on his bedpost.  Who knows if it’s true but she did have twin girls in 1980.  That’s where things fall apart.  If you can be more specific I can pull up your post. 


We know that both Doria and Tom have had different last names and many missing years in their backgrounds. Basically, we really do not know much on either Doria or Tom.

What was told to me from a source in 2016, Doria went to jail for fraud from her travel agency job.  I can’t confirm or deny this information. 

(2) At this same time, I kept coming across comments in the Daily Mail, and other sites, stating that we will be shocked when we find out who the real father of MM is, and that it is not Tom Markle.

You have to take some comments with a grain of salt. We had lots of LARPERs dropping that MM was royalty. Which sounds delusional because there is so much documentation from when Meghan was born. 


These comments appeared from about April thru June of 2018.


(3) We know that PC visited Los Angels in 1994 and visited an antique store that MM’s grandfather, Alvin Ragland, frequented (he was an antique dealer).


An article in the Daily Mail (from 17 May 2018) said PC might have met Alvin there. The article also said that PC visited Crenshaw HS, less than a mile from Alvin’s home. What are the odds?

The timeline doesn’t add up and Meghan went to private school at the little red schoolhouse, catholic school.


(4) Two years after PC’s visit to LA, MM took a trip to England, Paris, and Switzerland in 1996. Who paid for that trip? Other than Ninaki, who else was on the trip? Also, there is a photo of MM, Ninaki, and a young child at a jewelry house in Switzerland trying on diamond rings. The photo looks like it was taken in an office area and there are two trays of diamond rings on the desk. What jewelry house allows teenagers to do that? And why? Odd.


(5) We know that Camilla and Royal staff call MM the “Three Degree Wife” and the lame excuse given by the media was that it meant she will last only three years in the marriage. Hard to find those articles now and the only article I could find took out the “Three” and only reads, “Degree Wife.” Changing history right in front of our eyes!


Anyway, Three Degrees is the name of the band that Sheila Ferguson sang in while dating Prince Charles. What are the odds that would be MM’s nickname? (6) Finally, how else do you explain how MM was able to waltz right into the Royal family and order them around and demand things from them. While newly engaged to PH, she was able to attend Christmas and the Commonwealth events, among other events. Immediately after marriage, she was able to go on a solo event with the Queen and ride in her train. The list goes on. I know, I know, she has not gotten everything she has wanted, but enough that from the beginning everyone has been questioning what MM has on the BRF.

(7) Extra: if you look at a side-by-side profile of MM and PH, they have the exact same nose, IMHO.

No, I don’t think so 


My theory could be completely, totally 100% wrong. But even if I am wrong, it is obvious that we know very little of MM and very little about both of her parents. We also know she has been able to do things in the BRF that no one else ever has, and that she has connections to all the big wigs of the globalist-commie cabal. So despite if she is PC’s illegitimate child or not, there is something sinister about her and her inclusion into the BRF. Please note that this is all speculation and for entertainment purposes.

Thanks, JD. And again, prayers that you stay safe during the Hurricane. Peace.


Thank you so much anon, get back to me with links, 🌸😎😘


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  1. Good Lord let’s hope not! It would explain why they would need a surrogate and not use MMs DNA. Way too Deliverance for me! Be safe JD! My dad’s in Port St. Lucie and I’m praying for all of you!

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