Now nobody go fighting about which is more important; both forests are crucial to our planet and deserve attention and action, and both their governments seem shitty as hell.


Kindly reminder that taiga produces as much oxygen as amazon



a little unpleasant, being a citizen of russia to see posts by famous ppl on instagram about the amazon. when we had a burned half of the country (all of siberia and the cities close to it) and the fires dont cease to this day, none of the popular people spoke about it. the tragedy in the amazon is the same terrible situation as in russia but my country as usual is simply not on the map and it is not worth paying attention to

i remind u: three million hectares of forest were in fire

by the end of july, the burning forest area exceeded 3 million hectares and many cities were shrouded in smog, which made it difficult for local residents to breathe.

sespite the scale of the fires, for a long time the ministry of emergency situations and regional authorities did not carry out active actions to extinguish the forest. they explained this decision by the fact that it is “economically unprofitable” to fight such fires, since there is no threat to people and infrastructure on these lands. later, the governor of krasnoyarsk region alexander uss called the idea to extinguish the forest “meaningless and even harmful

the words of my relatives, “it is impossible to live normally. headache, sore throat. four-year-old daughter coughs directly until vomiting. hands and feet itch at all. that’s just the same kind of let – last week the smoke in the same krasnoyarsk covered, so gone at last. and again on a new! Is it desperation to just cry. u will not believe it: i got up at night to check the baby’s breath, afraid that she was not breathing.”

our president p*tin is an asshole. i wish him death and the same torment that the people of our country have endured for 20 years. the country is almost a revolution, people are put and beaten, the authorities consider my life “economically unprofitable” (i am not even close to these fires bc i live in the capital of the country, but my friends and relatives suffered for almost a month and a half). i can be fined for my opinion, because we do not have freedom of speech, in november, our country is likely to be disconnected from the world Internet. in order to destroy any arguments that the people themselves choose the president: we have no fair and open elections, it’s all a mirage. if the municipal election is happening in the nightmare, something about presidential elections, i am silent. everything goes to absolute hell, almost totalitarianism behind “democracy”. this man sits on the throne for 20 years, we don’t have a replaceable power. endless hypocrisy, corruption, devastation, poverty and misery.

id go into details but i think hardly anyone will read my post, so let it be

Forest fires have been happening since the dawn of time. The earth is like a vaginal it takes care of its self.  With fire comes renewal, it gives vital nutrients to the soil. 

Amazon rain forest oxygen stays in the region, it doesn’t contribute to the earth as a whole. That was debunked years and years ago. 


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