Dems’re telling us Trump is unfit? Are they afraid to face their own reality?

Their tagline is Whatever it takes! Anything we say they turn it around, ” I know you are but what am I?”


Politics is a dirty business but I never seen such tricks since Karl Rove, this campaign makes Karl look like he is in the peewee division.


Joe Biden is ready for the old folks home, no doubt, his memories are crossing over to fantasy and he thinks it’s real. Would you give this guy the codes to the nukes?


I’m holding out for Hillary to throw her hat in, it’s just a feeling. Diller said, Hillary still has a role to play.


The system is rigged by billionaire super PACS, they need to get sued and restricted from the voting process. We, the people, hold the power of the vote not some unelected crypt keepers with agenda to line their pockets.


Thank you anon, 🌸😎😘



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