Anon submits: Meghan hires PR firm

Meghan Markle hires a crisis PR firm that once represented Harvey Weinstein and Michael Jackson ‘in snub to palace aides as she tries to improve her public image.’

Yes, she did but were they really out of the picture since the marriage?  Sunshine Sachs was Meghan Markle’s PR before meeting Prince Harry. They ran the massive PR campaign to get her recognized in the first place.  It was all the PR we hated, and now they are back to crush the oppositions.  To make Meghan more likable or are they there for more distraction from Andrew?


It was approx 1.7 million to run for six months so congratulation my cousins across the pond, you’re paying for this!  It could be more its crisis mode for the ugly fashions DIVA. SAVE THE BRAND, Kayleigh!  Cover up the lies with black PR!


Sarah Ferguson called Ken Sunshine a genius!  Ken also reps the Clinton foundation, and many with the woke left message. Politics is their game, and they are good at it.


Harry outed himself; he stated he couldn’t wait to introduce his wife and child to Africa, LMAO, okay sure, Jan.


Thank you anon, get ready for trolls and uber-fans, oh my🌸😎😘


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One Comment on “Anon submits: Meghan hires PR firm”

  1. Am I missing something because if this PR firm is supposed to make a person’s image better and that’s their clientele, then they’ve failed miserably everytime! I’m left to assume that they only take the worst of the worst clients who are very wealthy and nobody else wants. They can’t save them, but they’re willing to be as unethical as their clients want them to be.

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