Joe diGenova and Andy C McCarthy were always right. No collusion. It was never about collusion.

diGenova said he wants to hear from Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, who makes appointments to the court and supervises it. “He had no problem criticizing the president of the United States for making comments about the political leanings of some judges on the 9th Circuit,” DiGenova said of Roberts. “Well, Mr. Chief Justice, get off your tush and tell us what you think about this disgraceful conduct in your court — the FISA Court.” —– So, 4 FISA warrants were obtained illegally? I know many people are very disappointed that Comey seemed to escape justice. But remember, its just the beginning. Barr is not stupid. He doesn’t want to politicize the investigation. He wants to bring a solid case to the court. FISA abuse is a lot worse than leaking to the press and lying to the public.

Today Dan Bongino said it all. Do you think its that easy to fight against the total corruption? No, it’s not. Do we want justice? Prepare to fight for it.


I agree with you, and there is going to be hell to pay. The boomerang will expose them all.


There are claims that a certain chief justice is being blackmailed.   Dan Bongino is a fantastic guy.  Don’t forget to follow and like his videos, youtube been a bit bias on Right speech.


It’s worth fighting!


Thank you anon, God bless America! 🌸😎😘



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