The Rotten Royals ? Part 1 Kitty Links A must read, packed with receipts

Royal Family granted new right of secrecy

A little background information regarding secrecy and the Royal Family.
Pay special attention to the paragraph about the Queen and heating for her properties.
This was initially reported by the Independent Newspaper.

The Elite in Britain Are A Very Sick and Twisted Bunch Indeed.

More background information regarding the British Establishment

The elite in Britain are a very sick and twisted bunch indeed

Murdered Bodies on Royal Estates/Prince Philip and Jimmy Savile/Records Sealed for 100 years
Excellent links within this link.

Chris Patten/Paedophiles & Paedophile-Infested Establishment Institutions/St Benedict’s School

Westminster Paedophile Ring – Roddam Twiss / son of Sir Frank Twiss

Again , this site has excellent links to newspaper articles and other sources
This article has so much information JD it has to be in two or even three parts.
There are connections all the way to Epstein which I will be putting in the third part of this post

Athenaeum Club
Reading here it can be seen that everyone is connected in some way.
One of the most important connections is the procurer? / paedophile / necrophiliac Jimmy Savile .

Richard Farnell and Cyril Smith

COMMANDER CHARLES ARTHUR HOWESON – colleague of Prince Philip and Prince Charles – charged with buggery

Carlton Club Members – Westminster Paedophile Ring (Part 1)

Again, the Jimmy Savile connection.

Carlton Club Members – Westminster Paedophile Ring (Part 2)

White’s Gentlemen’s Club
These people do love their clubs. The connections here will be explained in part two.

Jimmy Savile and Prince Charles’ very close friendship with sex abuse bishop Peter Ball

“My Love and Encouragement, Bishop”! The Queen.

Very interesting set of articles JD.

The Royal Family Connection to prolific and predatory paedophiles . Look at the Queen’s reaction to Peter Ball. I found it very interesting and disturbing.

This is just one of many which I’ll send in the second part of this article.

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Thank you, Kitty! looking forward to the other parts! Where there is smoke there is a fire



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