Social Credit Score .” Nudging “people into State Control ?

Social Credit Score USA


Paul Joseph Watson.


One of David Cameron’s first actions after being elected as Prime Minister was to bring in Thaler and Sundsteins Nudge Theory to help create his Libertarian Paternalistic “Big Society”


If we look at the working model of China’s social scoring, we can see that this is being used to control people’s ability to travel, to buy and sell goods. This will ultimately lead us to a situation where there will be a disenfranchised underclass completely at the mercy of the state, aided and abetted by the social media giants. What you do and say, your opinions, thoughts, actions, and anything you do on social media could ultimately have a disastrous and permanent effect on your life. It is, in effect a form of social cleansing.
Big Brother and Brave New World and all done with our consent!

Hope you like this one, JD!
Thought of Revelation- 13 .16: 17 it’s a good fit.

Kitty ❤❤❤

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Freaky man! I had no idea how deep the NWO was planning to go!  I’ve always told my kids to watch what you put on social media your employer could use it against you, but damn! 


We have 401k in America, they started off being voluntary and now mandatory with zero choices where you want your money invested.  We pay hefty Social Security payments from our paychecks. Now they are considered an entitlement.  We should all be grateful for the government to take our money. 🙄


Wallstreet takes 401k money to invest, and I can tell you my mother lost everything under Bush.  Obama bailed them out, nobody helping my 75-year-old mother that still has to work to pay her property taxes with double knee replacements.


The monsters will quickly take over the young Me, XY and Z generations, what a sad place that will be. These youngsters are looking forward to the free generation, but as we all know, nothing in life is free.


Thank you, Kitty, fantastic research! 🌸😎😘


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