Anon said: Meghan is ruining the BRF

I gotta say, I always loved following the BRF, but Meghan really ruined it for me. It’s unbelievable how annoying this arrogant woman is. I decided today that I won’t click on any articles about her anymore. She only married Harry for fame and money. She does not care about him, and Archie is just a meal ticket for her. One day something will happen, a scandalous divorce or maybe something else but one thing’s for sure, Meghan will meet Karma one day. She will pay the price for her scheming PR tactics one day.


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Princess Charlotte’s First Day Of School

There is Hope above!

I agree with you anon, she has taken the mystique out of the Monarchy and should go toss off in the US and stay there!Β  Maybe, that’s why she is there in the first place.


I’m disgusted that they allow her to get away with her shenanigans and what’s worse Harry let her do it. Find your balls dude!


Hey, Queen Meghan, I know you read the blogs, and I know you have a deep hatred for me, Why don’t you send me anon and enlighten me on what you intend to do?Β  No Milk for free, right, Meg?Β  Your Hustle is remarkable, I give you credit for the grift.


Thank you anon, πŸŒΈπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜˜πŸ’‹


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2 Comments on “Anon said: Meghan is ruining the BRF”

  1. LOL ! Just say it as it is JD 🀣 If the the RF is to survive in the long term it has only one salvation and that would be William and his family .
    Don’t forget there is some serious chit going down with the RF right now . The Harkles are the least of their problems . Andrew and Charles have both had some very serious “issues ” to deal with and , if those aren’t dealt with effectively the house of Windsor could come toppling down .
    The RF are advised by people who don’t have a clue how you and I live , they live in a very protected environment, many have been in the service of the Royals for generations . Everyday with the Harkles is becoming a good day to hide bad news.

    We are potentially having one of the most serious constitutional crises in the UK since Cromwell .
    Our politicians have failed to serve the people by enacting their will .We voted to leave the EU but our disgraceful politicians feel it is within their remit to do as they please , they have forgotten they are public servants Democracy in this country does not exist .

    There is the real potential for civil insurrection. One of the side effects of this unease is a sense that the RF are an unnecessary luxury , and there are increasing calls for a Republic.

    To the British people the RF are just part of the establishment, or the infrastructure of this country .
    They are there , we tolerate them . They are only feted and given celebrity status by countries other than GB .
    The Harkles possible decamping to America would give them more autonomy and allow them to be given the celebrity life style and status they seem so desperate for .
    Which demographic they think they appeal to here in GB is frankly a mystery . Most of the so called Millenials they think they appeal to simply don’t care or know who they are . They’re both too old , too privileged and too far removed from reality . Harry’s new “relaxed” style, looking like something dragged through a hedge backwards is not the way to appeal to the “little people” , he just looks a prat . Its an insult and patronising to the people who turn up to look at a so called Royal .

    I don’t subscribe to the poor little Harry sob story . Harry is a grown up with a chip on his shoulder the size of the Grand Canyon . If he had PTSD or other mental health , he also has( privileged) access to private treatment that other people don’t. The average waiting time for treatment for mental health in this country is at least 6 months .
    Suicide rates for children and young adults are rising exponentially.
    Mental health, losing a parent has never been an excuse for what is simply bratty bad behaviour . The constant references to Diana is starting to make people uneasy . There are children , people living in the most horrendous circumstances who manage to conduct themselves with honour and dignity and no one would know how bad their life is or was .
    Harry is Harry and his apparently desperate need for attention and relevance has been realised in his marriage to Markle , it’s a perfect match .

    The only way to deal with this is to starve the beast . Ignore them , and they may just go away .
    The world is on fire people , these two are not important ! πŸ˜‰

    1. Hey Kitty, I agree with you, Harry Markle and his wife Meghan won’t be missed if they head to America. The Harkle’s are snowflakes! They should be ignored; the constant revolving posting on tumblr is making her happen again. We all fell in the MM trap

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