DM- Jeffrey Epstein was invited to Beatrice’s 18th birthday along with Uncle Harvey

I’d like to tell you to stay focused on Prince Andy Dandy’s problem instead of Smegula, but bloggers are going to blog.


400,000 pounds sterling were spent on a birthday party that included Hollywood A-listers.  There’s your tax money hard at work! When was last time you spent 65k on flowers for your kids birthday party?  or any party for that matter? 215,000k on food, really? You could buy a decent middle-class 3 bedroom house for that price.


A decision will have to be made after the Queen departs this world. I can see why Prince Charles would want the Royal family to shrink. It’s this abuse of power that will be there undoing.


2 Comments on “DM- Jeffrey Epstein was invited to Beatrice’s 18th birthday along with Uncle Harvey”

  1. OMGosh. I’d kick the Yorks out for that photo alone. I’d call it “delusions of grandeur” except they were able to afford be that grand, and clearly WANT to be. Precisely the opposite of the way the modern royal family should behave.

    Pfft…and I was beginning to respect the York princesses more and more for their devotion to their grandmother, especially compared to one of their cousins-in-law. I suppose I can’t blame the girls for this type of display, they were just teenagers. I do sense that Eugenie has a good head on her shoulders and has developed a sense of propriety more along the lines of another counsin-in-law that is well-respected. However, from that same place I fear Beatrice has the same inclinations as her mother,

  2. I know Lisa, I was always a cheerleader for them. It’s a shame that Beatrice will lose out again with this scandal. Eugenie does have a good head on her shoulders. Their parents are disgusting and should be ashamed of themselves. They knew what was going in this whole mess, but yet they refused to give up these monsters. Monsters hang out with other freaks.

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