Anon said: MM sent one of her friends to speak for her again, PR

Meghan sent one of her ‘friends’ to talk to the media again. They kiss her ass, and her family doesn’t, that’s why she doesn’t like them.

Misha is kissing Ass, and her company was on the brink of flatlining. Nothing original in this line of crap clothes, and a matter of fact the red striped dress has been featured on the Daily Mail before that everyone likes. Clearance bin items for the rest.  It’s only for two weeks!

The brown noser are patting themselves on the back, please run back to Instagram and be fake woke.

Oh, we are so beautiful, look at MEagain, fashion influencers.  I bought a million followers, and naturally, they all love MEEEEE!  OMG, I’m so smart, kiss ME!!

If I want a $125 white men’s shirt, it better come with Henry Cavill naked on my bed.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎😘


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