Anon said: Could Meghan start TIG Blog again

Could Meghan start BLOGGING again? Duchess fuels speculation she is relaunching her Hollywood lifestyle website The Tig after her business manager filed to keep the trademark until 2021

Sure, why not, who’s going to stop her? Meghan does what she wants when she wants, and no one is going to stop her.  Nobody has so far, and she isn’t buying into the subservient anything, she’s American. It was always part of plan IMO, to come back out like gangbusters! A never was to fulfill her dream of becoming an A-lister celeb was still a top priority.


Meghan will never care what you or I think. If it’s not part of her narrative and as long as Harry is a good little Prince. He can play along or until she doesn’t need him anymore. Her track record speaks for itself.  If you’re against her publically, you’ll be visited by her woke left LARPERS. You can thank Sunshine Sachs for that one!


Note for the record, her people in the US have never gone away, they were waiting.  Meghan was always building a brand, she almost diabolical with a thirst for power and money.

Creative Artist Agency was more than happy to send invites to their stable of stars to come to the wedding. None of these people knew who she was before meeting Harry.  George and Amal weren’t friends with Meghan before, and the thirst couple loves the publicity along with Oprah.  They should be careful navigating the waters post-Epstein.

The other Hollywood billionaires pedos will be revealed one at a time, isn’t that right Oprah and David Geffen?

Thank you anon, 🌸😎😘


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