DM reports: Remains of over 2,000 fetuses found in home of former Abortion doctor

That’s Sick! I do wonder how many he sold?

What could be the reasoning to preserve fetuses he had killed?  Mass murderer!

I understand the girl’s being raped by uncle’s, but it should have been reported and the child removed from the situation.

You are not giving pain medication because a patient can’t afford it! You have no idea how much that hurts.


This is female reproductive rights? It’s cruel and inhumane! I don’t care what side of the issue you support but get mad. I know this bastard isn’t the only one that gives a choice for pain management with the procedure.  It should be included! I’ve taken friends to have this done, I know!


Isn’t Illinois the state that puts live babies from abortions in a comfort room to die? Shame on you!


Dear heavenly father, I cry for the souls you sent to earth to only be destroyed by greedy doctors and asinine men.  Please forgive us. Amen 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


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  2. I assume they were to be sold to nearby ‘China Towns’.
    It’s absolutely vile to think of those aborted foetuses, but in China, especially the Guangdong where they eat ANYTHING, people are acquiring aborted foetuses from hospitals and clinics etc, drying them out then grinding them to a powder to put in capsules for people to take…they believe it rejuvenates them, all the cells from a baby will give them baby-like skin etc… I suppose in a way, it’s like European women having their placenta dried and encapsulated, in the wacky belief they’ll gain some miraculous benefit from it. However that is THEIR OWN placenta and not a random baby. Babies are aborted in China at ANY TIME right up until the mother goes into labour and I would not be surprised that even after going into labour, that the baby could be born and left to die, especially if it’s a daughter. The majority of Chinese do not have kind hearts although the younger ones are getting better as they’re more likely to interact with the civilised world. So the foetus tablets have become quite a craze at the moment. I think some people are vile.
    Another craze in Southern China is foetus soup. I believe the foetuses are put into massive pot of boiling water, I assume herbs or something may be added and then it’s boiled and boiled. People have claimed to find hair in their soup, so those babies, (I struggle calling late termers like that foetuses) would have been aborted during their third trimester.

  3. I’ve heard and saw the baby soup for these creeps. I believe in having a soul that is something that God has given us. It’s creepy, and I think unlawful to have 2,000 aborted fetuses in jars. How many other abortionists practice this ritual. Baby body parts are being sold on the black market, its time to send a message to these scum bags.

    With the education of your reproductive system, you must know having sex could amount to a pregnancy. If women are in charge of their bodies, then they should be responsible enough to seek precautions such as birth control. Keep abortion rare.

    In the case of incest and rape, I conclude, they do have the right to an abortion. Those abusers should go to jail and be registered as a sex offender. If the mother decides to keep the baby, no rights should be afforded to the rapist.

    Thanks for sending this in.

  4. It’s beyond vile that human beings, supposedly the same species as you and I can be so utterly disgusting. A Chinese lady I know, she’s 35 now and had no science classes at school. It seems odd to me because the Chinese appear to value education but they’re not interested in modern science yet they still mess with eating a rare creature to cure them of something or other. Traditional Chinese medicines are terrible. I’m interested in everything in the body being aligned and energies and what not, it has fascinated me since I got an English McTimoney Chiropractor who has helped me so much prior to my fibromyalgia diagnosis, in fact it was he who put all the pieces of my pain and poor health into the jigsaw of me, and then printed me lots of stuff to show my GP who had been misdiagnosing me since I was 13, which was 25 years beforehand. My Chiro is into lots of alternative treatments and most have helped me, but not all. I’d never take any form of medication not regulated in the U.K. though. The only treatment he has given me apart from the chiro was reflexology and I loved it. There were a couple more that I have forgotten. I certainly don’t need to have hairy baby soup 🤮

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