Good Morning Patriots!

Big day on tumblr and I will try to get all the anons imported here. Political games are afoot, and the Dems can’t seem to help themselves with spreading lie after lie.

The  Jackass of the weekend goes to Kamala Harris! Congratulations Kamala! You believed an NYT tweet that was later taken down after the President recommended that Kavanaugh sue them. Amazing!  It never happened! Good Job!

Kamala, I hope you are questioned about when you were attorney general in California, you broke the law! You ordered the seizure of a videotape done by a whistleblower. The video contained undercover work done at an abortion clinic. You should be indicted!

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SuperPac motto might be Whatever it takes. Well, guess what?  We, the people, can do it right back at you! The patriots do this in the open and for free! We love this president!

Down with David Brock and George Soros, the unelected busybodies. Use your billions to care for illegal aliens in their own countries that means Europe too!


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