“Essentially, Clinton, albeit indirectly, might get one last shot at accomplishing what she couldn’t in 2016 — defeating Trump.” Who the hell wrote this BS? Idiots, Trump won’t be removed from the office if even Dems impeach him. Hillary has ZERO chance to defeat Trump. She lost. Pure and simple. If she is running again, she is losing again. Karl Rove was very clear today “Nadler and Schiff want impeachment? Go for it! Pelosi doesn’t want it. She know she will lose the House.”

No, no Anon, run for office again. Which would be hysterical to watch her lose again.

She is still pulling strings, her code name Evergreen?  Jake Tapper and Gillibrand reached out using that. 

Billionaire Diller said she still has a role to play. 

Her excellent buddy and inlaw George Soros is helping to fund Blue Share along with David Brock. Hillary country anon.  


Kitty links sent me a 49-page memo on Blue share.  I also have it pinned to twitter.  They intend to do whatever it takes to get rid of Trump. This will not stop until Trump wins, and I suspect they won’t stop there. 


Thank you anon! 🌸😎🥰Watch Killary tweets 


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