Anon said: Get ready for sickly sweet PR

Wow, they called out the big guns for this article, Ingrid Seward, one of the only people I trusted after the death of Diana for Royal news.

The couple has to pull off an excellent performance to try to turn this around for Preach and Leech.

I will tell you that the public is mad as hell at the pandering to the American press over the British Press. The duo is supposed to represent the UK interests above their own.


Rumors stir that Meghan Markle was looking for Million dollar deals for pictures of Archie and none came. That’s why we haven’t seen his face, and the baby goes from bald to hair, thin to thick. What is going on? The people demand to know!

The African peoples aren’t thrilled as they are trying to settle difference they have in their country. They claim they don’t want them there and conditions are breaking down. Children are starving, and there is political unrest. Who in their right mind would send them to Africa with this in mind and whatever happened to Sentebale?

Let’s say they don’t pull it off, will they be punished? No, nothing will happen, nothing been done so far.

It’s morally wrong to use suffering people for PR! It’s shameless PR, and the people see right through this agenda from hell!

IMO, it’s another vacation for the woke left couple. Harry will do the heavy lifting while Meghan gives her left woke speech on racism and female empowerment coming from a woman who allegedly yachted on land and sea.Β  I expect her to be at the beach working on her tan.

Thank you anon for the article. 🌸😎πŸ₯°


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4 Comments on “Anon said: Get ready for sickly sweet PR”

  1. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes JD both here and in SA much of it is geopolitical . . Britain also wants , or needs SA as a trading partner if , and that’s a big if we ever come out of the EU .
    The FO always pimp the RF out when a deal needs to be sealed , but sending in the clowns is a risky ploy for them . Maybe their wokeness is seen as an advantage . What ever , this is a disaster .
    I’ll send another” links” (apart from tomorrow’s) on SA, it’s a real eye opener with all the usual suspects involved . Everything is connected , but nothing is quite as it seems . 😎❀

  2. I have both SA family and friends . Who wants these two there ? No one as far as I can tell .
    SA is at a political crossroads , land expropriation, and this :

    is just one of the many problems faced by S Africans .
    The solution ? Send in the troops in the form of two of the most tone deaf , nauseatingly “woke ” over privileged self absorbed people on the face of the planet ? Really ?

    Markle is said to be be speaking on women’s empowerment and if true to form will be spewing forth a word salad of psycho babble and new age bollocks , all centred around her own “experiences”
    Will Harry yet again take his (scuffed, dirty ) shoes off ? This time to show how connected to Africa he feels . You couldn’t make this stuff up .

    The most sickening thought is that the child who couldn’t be revealed to the tax paying public (who fund this couples endless “jollies ” around the world) may be cynically wheeled out to help save their rotten and hopelessly tarnished reputation .
    Appalling, but yet another good day for bad (Harkle) news if you’re called the Duke of York .
    Ever feel you’re being played ? The answer is, yes you are 😎🍌

    1. Kitty! πŸ±β€πŸ‘€πŸ±β€πŸ‘€πŸ±β€πŸ‘€ I’m waiting for the baby to be revealed on this tour. So far it’s another blurry picture at the airport. I still think Smegs is holding out for People, BS Weekly to fork over the doe. I encourage her to do that and really rile the British Press-up. So far, she is obeying her handlers somewhat. Sam Cohen is on tour; she is HM eyes. This is the last shot for the Sussex’s. However, when is this tour going to be about the British government and not the Sussex agenda?

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